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11 Steps to Custom Individual Mink Lashes of Eyelash Vendors


Begin with a consultation to understand your client’s desired mink lashes look, preferences, and any specific concerns.

2.Prepare the Workspace

Set up a clean and organized workspace with all the necessary materials like individual lashes and tweezers within reach.

3.Isolate Natural Lashes

Use lash pads or tape to isolate and secure the client’s natural eyelashes, ensuring they are not sticking together.

4.Select Lash Extensions

Choose individual mink lash extensions based on the client’s desired such as length, thickness, and curl. It’s common to use a mix of lengths and thicknesses for a more natural appearance.


With tweezers, carefully remove individual mink lash extensions from the tray or tile. Trim the extension if necessary, depending on the desired length. Combine different lengths and thicknesses to create a textured and natural effect. You can also mix curls for a more dynamic look.


Dip the base of the mink lash extension into a small amount of lash adhesive. Using tweezers, carefully place the lash extension onto an isolated natural lashes, ensuring it is attached without touching the skin.

7.Repeat the Process

Continue the process, working across the lash line and alternating between lengths and thicknesses as desired. Ensure each mink extension is separated from neighboring lashes to maintain a natural lashes appearance.

8.Check for Gaps

Inspect the lash line for any gaps or unevenness. Fill in any spaces with additional mink lash extensions.

9.Comb and Brush

Use a lash brush or comb to gently separate and groom the mink lashes. This helps in achieving a more polished and natural lash look.

10.Setting and Sealing

Apply a mink lash extension primer to help the adhesive cure properly. If desired, use a lash extension sealer to add a protective coat and enhance the longevity of the extensions.

11.Aftercare Instructions

As professional lash vendors,Provide your client with aftercare instructions, including how to clean and maintain their lash extensions for longevity. Remember, proper training and certification are crucial for performing lash extension procedures safely and effectively. If you’re not a trained lash technician, consider seeking professional training before attempting individual lash customization.

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