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What Kind of Lash Boxes Can we Make and How to Customize Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Dear, first of all, I want to declare that all customized eyelash boxes are ordered with a minimum order quantity of 50. And the mink eyelash box factory produces boxes in mass production, because the process of making one box is the same as manufacturing 50 eyelash boxes. So sorry, we cannot produce a box example first to show you how it works. We will show you lash box with your own logo perview made by computer.

About Manufacture Time

It usually takes 10-15 days to manufacture your diy lash boxes. And it takes 3-5 days( to America, UK, Canada, Australia, France) to reach by DHL.

About Price

For 50 lash boxes, 2.2USD each (with logo printed).

For 100 lash boxes, 2 USD each (with logo printed).

PS: 1. Special materials would be a little more expensive.

2. Handle for Drawer Lash Boxes would charge extra.We could talk about it in detailed if you need.

About Design

Pls tell or show pic to us for what kind of boxes you want. What color outside, what color inside. And please send me the logo or brand name you want to print on the front side. If it is logo, it had better in png or pdf version. And if you dont have logo, please tell us what you want your logo look like, our designer will make previews according to your design lash boxes ideas.

About Design Reference

Here are some lash boxes we have manufactured as reference. But the boxes we could make are not limited to these.

Custom Eyelash Packaging with MOQ(minimum order quantity) of 20

For some lash business beginner, 50 boxes may be too many at the beginning. To solve this, we have ordered some boxes in stock. Order over only 20 pieces, we could print logo on lash box, and could finish printing and ship out in 12-36 hours. The price is 2 dollars each.

And because these box are already made, so couldnt change box color. If you want to change, then need to take at least 50 boxes, and take longer to manufacture.

About Payment Method

We accept Paypal and Western Union.

Is partial payment acceptable?

Yes,partial payment is acceotable. For example, if doing 60 custom boxes to USA, plus shipping, total amount would be 2.2*60+40=172. Then you could pay $100 as deposit, and when we finish manufacturing lash boxes, will show you picture. And you could pay the left payment at that time.

Detailed Videos of Custom Lash Packaging

There are videos of some above boxes posted on my Instagram: wholesaleeyelashvendors

Favorable Lashes Sample Pack

About Feedback and Reviews

About Contact

Love, you could add my whatspp: 86 15166831626 to get more detailed pics.

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