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Popular Lash Kits for Mink Eyelashes, Lash Tweezers and Eyeliner Glen Pen

Eyelash Kits could be made into clients’ requirements, for example, you only sell mink lashes and lash tweezers at present, then we could make the eva holder into proper size for only mink lashes and lash applicators. And if you also sell eyeliner glue to help stick the lashes, we could make a room for lash kits to hold lash glue.

Custom Lash Kits for one mink lashes and eyelash tweezers and eyeliner glue pen
Custom Lash Kits for one mink lashes and eyelash tweezers and eyeliner glue pen

Same as custom single eyelash packaging, custom lash kits’s minimum order quantity is 50 pieces, take 12-15 days to manufacture, lash kits color could be chosen, and will print your own lash business logo, and slogan, and social media, if you need.

Marble Eyelash Kits with Own logo Wholesale Vendors
Marble Eyelash Kits with Own logo Wholesale Vendors

If you are interested, please contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626 for more information.

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Thick Mink Eyelash Wholesale Vendors

Thick mink lashes is a trend in lash business market. Missangel Lashes wholesale quality thick eyelashes, from 16mm to 25mm, the below lashes are all thick, and could be worn for over 20 times.

If you want to start your lash business, please contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626.

long thick eyelashes
long thick eyelashes

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Nude Eyelash Boxes

Nude color is very elegant and luxury. There are lost of lash business entrepreneurs asked Missangel Lashes about Nude Color Lash Boxes. In the past, the minimum order quantity for nude lash packaging with own logo is 50. But 50 pieces, sometime is too much for lash business beginner. Thus, Missangel Lashes order 2000 pieces of empty beautiful nude lash packaging boxes and make them in stock. If you want to order nude lash box with your lash business name, minimum order quantity is only 20, and we could print your logo on eyelash packaging with our 3d printer. It is fast and good looking.

wholesale nude color eyelash packaging and wholesale vendors
nude eyelash packaging, MOQ is 20 to Add Logo

We could print the logo you provided on front side of eyelash packaging directly, or we could help create simple logo for your lash business. Also, If you want to print some social information, like instagram, facebook, tiktok and email on the back side of box, that is also okay.

wholesale nude lash box wholesale vendors
Wholesale Nude Color Lash Box EC48 with Own Logo
Lash Box Factory
Nude Eyelash Boxes EC48 with Own Logo

You can see the examples. Any by the way, the lashes inside the nude lash box is 3d mink lashes ES04, welcome inquiry.

And if U want to do gilded logo, like holograohic color, rose gold color, it has to be made by box factory, and take 10-15 days to manufacture. MOQ(minimum order quantity) is 50.

Lash Box Wholesale Vendors
Luxury Light Brown Lash Box Wholesale Vendors

If you want more information about custom eyelash packaging, pls click:

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Custom Eyelash Packaging with A Window

Do you like window eyelash boxes? Below are some custom eyelash packaging boxes with a window, and with private logo.

best eyelash packaging wholsale vendors
Black Lash Box EC01 and White Eyelash Packaging EC04 with a Logo
wholesale eyelash packaging boxes
Stock Eyelash Packaging EC02 with Logo (MOQ is 20)

These boxes are all in stock, over 20 boxes, we couldd print 3d logo on the box with our printer.

Click here to check which eyelash boxes are in stock.

wholesale lash box diy eyelash packaging
White Lash Box with a Window EC04

Since these boxes are all in stick, so we could finish printing own lash business logo and ship out in 24 hours.

lash packaging for mink eyelashes
Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes EC04

If you want to do other custom eyelash packaging with a clear window, but not shown on box catalogs. That’s also okay, we could crate diy lash packaging for you. Any color is okay, and with your logo printed. But these lash boxes are made by box factory, so take 7-12 days to make, and MOQ (minimum oeder quantity) is 50.

Here are some examples.

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What Kinds of Lash Bands is Better?

There are a lot of kinds false eyelashes in the market, according to different band, it could be divided into the transparent eyelash band, the black cotton thread and woven band.

1. Cotton thread: The band is a black cotton thread, which can act as an outer liner without reflection. It is very soft and the ends of it are not easy to tilt. It is suitable for double eyelids with moderate stealth degree, and it can act as eyeliner. Because it is very soft, it will not stick to the eyelids after being put and will not be easy to tilt. In other words, it is very ductile. The hardness is between the transparent lash band and the woven band. The glue is strong because of the texture. However, the disadvantage of it is that due to the deformation after usage. No matter for more durable mink eyelashes or more affordable synthetic eyelashes, they all can be made with black cotton thread.

false eyelash business
20mm Mink Lashes–EM11

2. Transparent lash band: It is suitable for double eyelid and single eyelid. It has better effects in makeup with high transparency. It is easy to cut off a bundle of posts which can maintain the original radian after usage. It is very invisible so it can achieve very good results, either in whole or in a single cluster. The defect is because of the weaving, eyelash prone to stick together and the ends of eyelashes are easy to fall off and tilt.

Transparent lash band
transparent lash bands

3. Woven band: Compared with the line band and cotton stalk, it is not very comfortable. But for girls of single and inside double-fold eyelid, it is a good choice because of the better effects due to its hardness. However, it is easy to fall off after a long soak in the water, and the ends of eyelashes are easy to be unglued which requires people to fill with glue from time to time. Besides, the stalks are not average in hardness with thick and thin lashes.

black cotton band mink strip lashes
eyelash kits wholesale vendors

Missangel Lashes Wholesale black cotton mink lashes, which is durable and comfotable. 25mm mink lashes, 20mm eyelashes and 16mm lashes are all handmade with black cotton band.

If you are interested in starting your eyelash business or work with us, please contact WHATSAPP:

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What is the differences between Mink Lashes and Sythetic Lashes?

Some customers will ask Missangel Lashes whether we sell synthetic eyelashes or not, the answer is no. Missangel Lashes only sell quality strip mink lashes.

wholesale eyelash and custom lash cases
Acrylic Lash Cases for 3d Eyelashes

Here is the difference between mink eyelashes and synthetic lashes.


Mink lashes are made of mink fur.

The synthetic lashes are the one made of special material we called Man-made materials. Such as the plastic, the fiber, the silk one. We all called them synthetic lashes.

faux mink lashes wholesale
16mm Mink Lashes–ES09


Usually, synthetic lashes are much cheaper than mink lashes.

The retail price of the mink lashes are different according to the length,craft and style. Different length, different cost.

It takes more raw materials when manufacturing 25mm lashes, so unit price is higher.

As we know, the retail price is 15 USD to 30 USD in the US market.

popular daily lash whoelsaler
16mm Mink Lashes–ES04

Life Circle

The real mink eyelashes can be worn up to 25 uses. But if you choose the synthetic lashes, you may only use one time , and synthetic lashes could be easily destroyed.

unique 25mm eyelash vendors
25mm Lashes–EL05

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How to Use Eyeliner Glue Pen?

Here is the tips for using eyeliner glue pen.

Lash Glue Pen
Lash Glue Eyelash Adhesive Vendors
  1. Shake your Flick & Stick pen well.
  2. Apply your adhesive eyeliner to your lash line as you would like any normal eyeliner.
  3. Add a touch more liner to the inner and outer corners for extra hold.
  4. Apply the lashes by starting with the inner corners then lightly pressing along the lash line securing the mink lashes in place.
wholesale lash adhesive
Wholesale Eyeliner Glue Pen EP03 and EP04

If you are interested in other lash tools, like lash washing machine, eyelash applicators and lash spoolies, pls contact

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How to Name Lashes?

All lash business owners want to name lashes with some beautiful words, which will make lash business more professional.

When lash vendors show lash catalogs to their customers who want to start their own lash business, or already own lash business, the lashes are labelled with some code, like “ES”, “EM”, “EL” to show the length difference. And when delivery lashes to the receiver, all lashes will be labelled to help distinguish styles. However, if resell lashes directly with the names given by lash vendors, it may seem unprofessional. So, give lashes a name is vey essential.

25mm false eyelashes
25mm Lashes–EL13
3d mink lashes factory
16mm Mink Lashes–ES02
3d strip mink lashes
20mm Mink Lashes–EM15

So How to Name Lashes?

The easiest way is to make name stickers. We could print the beautiful name you come up as stickers, and cut stickers off into the proper size for lash tray, and put stickers on the lash tray. Then stickers will stick on lash tray.

how to create lash name
Lash Name Stickers

We could put stickers any location of the box, like the clear lash tray, the side of box, the back side of box.

custom lash cases with logo
Acrylic Lash Cases
how to name mink lashes
Free Lash Name Stickers

If you are interested in naming lashes, pls contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626.

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How to Make Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo?

An eyelash packaging box with business logo will make your lash business more professional.

After you understand how the eyelash business works, you need more details about the eyelash business. In this article, we will tell you how “custom eyelash boxes ” works.

how to make own eyelash packaging
slide out eyelash packaging boxes

High-quality quality is the core of the product, but people are often loyal followers of appearance. Even if the quality of a product is not good enough, people are willing to pay for its beauty.
High-quality Missangel Mink Lashes needs a beautiful custom eyelash packaging. This is what your brand needs.

wholesale eyelash and packaging vendors
brown custom eyelash packaging boxes

How can I design professional custom eyelash boxes?

Generally, the content of custom eyelash boxes can be divided into five parts:
Your brand name & LOGO, pattern & theme color, brand slogan, contact information & social media information

Your brand name & LOGO

When a customer buys eyelashes, she usually gets the first impression of your brand from your brand name and the appearance of the box. And interact with you through the social information you leave.

Beautiful and distinctive LOGO can make customers remember at first sight. When you see Apple’s LOGO, you know which company’s product it is.

The beautiful Private LOGO will enhance your LASH brand value. 

A beautiful LOGO makes it easier for people to remember your business. Giovanni Lash provides free LOGO creation
A beautiful LOGO makes it easier for people to remember your business. Missangel Lashes provide free logo design.

Pattern & theme color

You can put a pattern that matches your LOGO on your customized lash box. Or use theme colors that match your brand positioning.
Please pay attention to maintaining the unity of style. If you want a simple style, then custom packaging must implement this idea. If your other products are also blue, then your customized packaging should also be blue. A beautiful pattern can also make people remember your Lashes brand better.

diy eyelash packaging and mink lashes
custom lash kits

Brand slogan

A concise brand slogan can directly convey your brand value to consumers. If your slogan is interesting and attractive enough, then it is easy to convey touches and share wisdom. This allows our customers to maintain their loyalty and love to us.

lash supplier eyelash vendors
custom blue lash box for mink lashes

Contact information & social media information

The back of the Custom lashes box is often used to record your contact information and social media information. Customers can find you through the contact information and social accounts here. They will @you in their posts, which will let more people know about your brand. This is very good for enhancing your brand image and expanding your scope of promotion.

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New Eyelash Packaging in Stock

Missangel Lashes insist in supplying more and more popular lash styles and custom eyelash packaging.

diy lash box wholesale vendors
Custom eyelash packaging catalog

Below are the 3 new Lash Boxes we wholesale.

best lash and eyelash packaging box wholesale vendors
Silver Glitter Eyelash Boxes

First is silver Glitter Lash Boxes, inside and outside of boxes are all silver glitter paper, and we could print logo below the lash window and on the back side.

wholesale mink lash and eyelash pacakging box vendors
Matte Black and Red Glitter Custom Eyelash Packaing Boxes

The second is classic black and red match. Outside matte black, and inside red glitter. it will match red logo, or any other color logo.

custom lash boxes
White outside and Rose Gold Finish Eyelash Packaging Box

The third is white and rose gold finish lash packaging for mink lashes.

All boxes on catalogs could be shipped out in 2 days with fedex or DHL express company, include logo.

If you are interested, please contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626 ( Renee) for more information.