20mm Wholesale Mink Lashes(EM11)

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Style 3D Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale 20mm Mink Lashes–EM11
Life Time 30-40 Times
MOQNo MOQ Limited
PackagingConventional Lash Box Packaging and DIY Eyelash Packaging
Delivery Time1-7 Days, Depend on Your Order Quaintity. ( Sample Order could be delivered Next Day)
Payment    Method     Paypal,Apple Pay & Bank Wires(T/T)

Features of 20mm Mink Lashes

  1. 100% handmade, each pair of 20mm mink lashes that 3D mink lash vendors wholesale has been carefully manufactured by skilled and experienced worker. Each pair of 20mm mink lashes is elegant,unique and chic .
  2. Vendors for mink lashes wholesale 20mm lashes are all made of soft Siberian mink hair, lash manufacturer collect the hair dropping naturally from minks, cruelty-free and no harm to the minks.
  3. Best Price: only $2.5-4.5 for one pair of mink lashes.
  4. Popular design: Each pair of 20mm lashes wholesale by lash manufacturers and vendors for mink lashes is designed behind the hard and great eyelash market research and summary of the mink lash designer.
  5. Large output : Although the production of 20mm strip mink lashes is complicated, the factory covers a large area, has a large number of workers and most of them are experienced, so 20mm strip mink lashes vendor–Missangel Lashes can guarantee the completion of large lashes orders on time and volume.

Diy Eyelash Packaging for 20mm Mink Lashes

Missangel Lashes provide many kinds of diy eyelash packaging for lashes clients to choose, whether 25mm mink lashes pack, 20mm eyelash packaging and unique 3d lash packaging.

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Diamond Lash Packaging

The lash packaging could be divided into acrylic, glitter paper, tough paper, highlighter paper in materials, and could be divided into square lash packaging box, lash cases, clear eyelash cases, lash pill bottles, suitcases, rectangular lash packaging boxes, diamond lash boxes, lash kits and lash books in shape.

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