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How to maintain an eyelash business?

Put together a lash business plan and start implementing it today! Good Lash Business. Running your own eyelash business can give you the freedom and flexibility that you wouldn’t get in a typical 9-5. This makes it an ideal business choice for busy moms or anyone who wants a business that fits around their current lifestyle.”

Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Branding Strategy for your Small Business Tip: Maintain a good relationship with beauty journalists and publications. This lash marketing idea will lead to positive feedback, media recognition, and hype for your lash business. 2. Flaunt your lash studio on social media”

False eyelashes and a good mink lash vendor so that you’re always in stock. Eyelash extension tape to hold down bottom lashes. Lash brushes to help keep lashes in good condition before and during the application.

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