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New Eyelash Packaging–Lash Kits with Lash Accessories

New Eyelash Packaging–Lash Kits for 3 Pairs of lashes

This lash kit look very luxury. There is a mirror inside the boxes, so your lash line customers could wear the lashes directly. Besides, the lash kit could hold 3 pairs lashes. Most of our customers like to put in lashes with three different length, such as 16mm mink lashes, 20mm 3d lashes and 25mm lashes. Besides, there are lash glue and lash applicators, the whole lash accessories make applying mink eyelashes easily.

custom eyelash packaging lash kits
custom eyelash packaging lash kits

In addition, we could also put lashes brushes in if you need.

If you are interested in custom eyelash kits, pls contact

Whatsapp; 86 15166831626

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