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Nude Eyelash Packaging EC48

For all lash boxes in stock, the selling of nude eyelash packaging box EC48 is definitely highest. It is slide out eyelash packaging, and the top is clear window.

wholesale eyelash box vendors
custom eyelash packaging

We can print your lash business logo on the clear part, and some social information on back side(if you want). Here are some examples for how logo will look like on nuce eyelash packaging EC48.

The above pictures show the same eyelash boxes, the color looks different because the light is different.

Also could do custom nude box that consisting of nude color, and can do gilded logo, but that is made by box factory, MOQ(minimum order quantity) is 50, and take 8-15 days to manufacture.

If you are interested, pls contact

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Black Stainless Steel Eyelash Tweezers

There are lots of color of eyelash tweezers Missangel provide, such as rose gold lash tweezers, white applicators, pink eyelash applicators, purple lash tweezers,gold tweezers, blue eyelash tweezers. All lash tweezers are made of stainless steel. And Missangel Lashes privide custom service, we can print your own logo on lash applicators.

wholesale eyelash applicators vendor
wholesale black eyelash tweezers

Among all the color tweezers,the sales of black tweezers is highest. Black is the color match any design, and printing logo on black lash applicators looks luxury and elegant.

wholesale eyelash tweezers lash applicators
Black tweezers with own logo

For tweezers to print logo, moq (minimum order quantity)is 20, price is $1.20. And if dont print logo, there is no moq, any quantity is ok.

wholesale black applicators
black lash tweezers with private logo

If you are interested, please contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626

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Eyes Design for Lash Business Logo

There are many different eyes picture for you to choose as a part of your own lash business logo.Usually an image of eyes and your business name will make a perfect logo.Below are some beautiful eye images you may like.

wholesale mink strip lash vendors
Eyelashes 01

wholesale mink lashes and eyelash packaging
Eyelashes 02

wholesale mink lashes and eyelash packaging boxes
Eyelashes 03

best mink lash and eyelash vendors
Eyelashes 04

strip mink eyelashes
Eyelashes 06

wholesale black mink strip lashes
Eyelashes 07

diy mink lashes wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 08

mink strip eyelash wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 09

red mink eyelash vendors
Eyelashes 10

butterfly mink eyelash wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 11

strip mink eyelash wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 12

wholesale mink lashes with a crown
Eyelashes 13

wink eyes
Eyelashes 14

charming mink eyelashes
Eyelashes 15

mink strip lash wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 16

wink luxury mink lash wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 17

wholesale mink lashes and eyelash packaging
Eyelashes 18

charming mink eyelashes
Eyelashes 19

wholesale 3d mink eyelashes
Eyelashes 20

fluffy mink eyelash wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 21

beautiful mink eyelashes wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 22

wholesale mink lashes and eyelash packaging
Eyelashes 23

create a lash business logo
Eyelashes 24

crying mink lash wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 25

black mink strip lashes
Eyelashes 26

wholesale mink eyelash vendors
Eyelashes 27

strip lashes best manufacturer
Eyelashes 28

best lash and eyelash packaging box wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 29

unique mink eyelash vendors
Eyelashes 30

strip mink lash wholesale vendors lash provider
Eyelashes 31

luxury eyelash packaging design
Eyelashes 32

diy mink eyelash wholesale vendors
Eyelashes 33

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New 16mm Lash Style–ES16

16mm lashes is natural lashes that suitable for daily life. Therefore, Missangel Lashes has added a new lash style of 16mm lashes–ES16.

wholesale 3d mink lash vendors
wholesale 3d mink lash vendors

There are 8 obivious columns of 16mm mink lashes ES16, and between column and column, there is a short thin mink hair. The style is very unique, and you can wear lashes in daily life, like school, office.

natural mink lashes 3d eyelashes
natural mink lashes 3d eyelashes

ES16 is 3d lashes, curl and charming. Below is CATALOG of all 16mm mink lashes.

16mm lash vendors natural eyelashes
16mm Lashes

If you are interested, please contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626.

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Where to buy two in one eyeliner glue pen?

Lash Glue is essensial for lash lover, and drawing a beautiful eyeliner also will make the eye makeup more perfect. Therefore, a 2-in-1 eyeliner glue pen is a great choices for those girls who both love lashes and makeup.

wholesale lash glue pens
Black and White Eyelash Eyeliner for Mink Lashes

There are 2 colors of lash glue to choose from, black glue and clear glue. The clear eyeliner glue pen could be used as normal eyelash adhesives, it is sticky and no pungent smell. And for the black glue eyeliner pen, you can draw a eyeliner shape and dont need to apply lash glue, because the black eyeliner is sticky too.

mink lash glue eyelash adhesive eyeliner
Lash Adhesive Pen Adhesive Eyeliner

There are seven different designs of eyeliner glue pen we provide. And black glue and clear glue two choices. Missangel Lashes provide custom service. We could print your busnsiess logo on glue and free glue cases.

If you are interested to customize your own eyeliner glue pen, please contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626 for more information.

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Mink Color Lashes

Missangel Lashes has launched a series of mink color lashes. There are some lashes in same shape, but in different color, like green lashes, pink lashes, blue lashes, white lashes, red lashes, purple lashes and red lashes. And the lashes are all made of mink hair.
Very soft and easy to apply.

Below are color mink lash catalogs:

wholesale mink color lashes
color Lash Catalog 1
wholesale colorful mink lash vendors
Color Lash Catalog 2
mink color lashes wholesale vendors
Color Lash Catalog 3
colorful wholesale mink lashes
Mink color lash Catalog 4

The lashes with white mink fur isnt easy to be seen on catalogs because the pallet is white too. You could contact WHATSAPP +86 151668361626 to get more information.

Below pictures shows how color lashes will look like on eyes.

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New Arrival! White Slide Out Eyelash Packaging EC49

The nude slide out eyelash EC48 won great popularity among the lash boxes that in stock. To better meet Missangel Lashes clients’ needs.Missangel Lashes has lauched a new lash box–EC49.

white slide out lash boxes EC49 MOQ is 20

The inside and outside of box EC49 are both white. It will definitely match all logo. Whether your logo is black color, yellow, purple color, or there is some images, such as crown, butterflies, flower borders in your logo. Below is some examples for how logo “Missangel Lashes” will look on white strip lash boxes. Also, you can contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626 to inquiry. And, if you dont have logo, Missangel Lashes can help design your lash business logo for free.

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Gel Nail Polish

Color Choices

How to use the Gel Polish ? 

Step 1. Wash hands, wipe nail and remove cuticle

Step 2. Brush a thin layer base coat , curing by UV/LED nail lamp

Step 3. Brush a thin layer nail color gel polish, curing by UV/LED nail lamp

Step 4. Brush one more layer color, curing by UV/LED nail lamp

Step 5: Brush a layer other top coat, curing by nail lamp Step 6.Wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining.

Frequently Encountered Problems

1. Why the color of the gel polish received is different from the picture?

The color of the gel polish in the picture may deviate in different brightness and different display screens, which is normal.

2. Why does the gel polish on the finger come off within a few days?

The main reason for it is that your fingernails were not cleaned up before using the base coat, especially some people’s nails are oily nails, which can easily cause the gel polish to fall off, so please make sure your nails are completely dry before use. Clean and oil-free.

3. Why does the nail polish on the finger protrude partly?

When you encounter this situation, tear off the gel nail polish on your fingers and you will find that the paint inside is damp and has not been completely dried. This is because when you apply the color gel polish, you apply too thick, not evenly enough, etc. The color gel polish on some parts of the nails is not completely dried, and then the top coat is applied.

4. How do I move the gel polish?

(1)Lightly polish the nails surface with nail file.(2)Soak the nails by nail remover wraps about 10-15 minutes.(3)Gently push off the softened gel by using a cuticle pusher.

5. Why is the gel nail polish not drying?

(1)Apply thin layer of gel polish. The thinner, the better.(2)It is normal that the base coat and color gel still be sticky after cured.(3) The drying effect of the nail lamp used is poor

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Different Eyelash Packaging with Same Logo

Customizing Eyelash Packaging is important for lash business owner who want to create and expand their business. Beside, lash business owner may want to different lash box design to meet different clients’ requirements. For example, some customers’ only order lashes, and some customers’ need both lashes and eyelash applicators.

Missangel Lashes could customize eyelash packaging, eyelash kits in different shape.
Here is some pictures:

As we can see, the first and two pics are lash kits that hold lashes , eyelash applicators. And last picture only could 1 lashes.

All these design , MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 50, and take 12-15 days to manufacture, any design, any color is possible. And you could contact WHATSAPP to get more information.

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Mink Lash Box and Eyelash Tweezers with Same Logo

Missangel lashes provide custom mink eyelash packaging and eyelash tweezers service. And we will try our best to make eyelash applicators match eyealsh packaging, whether box color or lash tweezers color, or logo color.

Here are examples:

mink lash eyelash packaging boxes lash tweezers
wholeasle custom lash box and eyelash applicators
Custom Pink Glitter Eyelash Packaging and Mink Lash Tweezers
Custom Pink Glitter Eyelash Packaging and Mink Lash Tweezers

For eyelash packaging with own private label, minimum order quantity is 50, any design is possible, take 12-15 days to manufacture. And for eyelash applicators, minimum order quantity is 20.

If you are interested in doing mink lash box and eyealash tweezers, please contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626.