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Popular Mink Lash Styles

The Below Picture shows most natural lash series, 15-16mm in length. These are two popular eyelashes, ES05 and ES07, also the cheapest lashes of the 3 series Missangel Lashes sell.

3d eyelash vendors
16mm mink lashes

These two are unique lash styles EM09 and EM08, they are very unique that U couldnt forget how they look like once U wear them.

bulk lashes
20mm eyelashes wholesael vendors

The last two lash styles are 25mm lashes EL04 and EL14. As you can see, they are long and fluffy lashes. Wearing them, it is hard to move the eyes from you.

fluffy 25mm Siberian eyelashes
25mm Lashes

All the lashes Missangel Lashes wholesale are made of mink hair, and cruelty free.

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