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How many styles of natural mink eyelash are on the market?

How many styles of natural mink eyelash are on the market?
There are so many styles of natural mink eyelashes on the market, here is the most popular one that I recommend to you, which can suit anyone’s eyelashes, eyelashes of various styles and lengths, if you want to buy cheap wholesale natural eyelashes, You can choose from these:

Natural 3D Mink Eyelashes
This is the best luxury in the market and the most expensive in the market and girls love it very much. And mink eyelashes are the most popular on the market, with various lengths and styles, made of real mink hair, which is very light and shiny to wear, and can be well blended with our real mink hair. .

Natural artificial mink eyelashes
Natural artificial mink eyelashes are much cheaper than natural 3D mink lashes, if you are sensitive to mink fur, you can choose artificial mink natural eyelashes. Most customers choose wholesale eyelashes after viewing eyelash samples because it saves a lot of money.

Naturally slender mink eyelashes
This is the special type that people will order, and you should find naturally thin mink lashes from eyelash suppliers’ catalogs.

Natural fluffy mink eyelashes
We call Fluffy natural mink lashes 5D natural lashes, the style of the lashes is very flamboyant, if you like a fluffy effect, you can choose 5D lashes. But most 5D lashes are 25mm mink lashes, so be sure to check with your lash vendors when ordering lashes.

Six, natural mink individual eyelashes
Individual natural mink lashes are grafted eyelashes, and most girls prefer to apply individual natural mink eyelashes themselves instead of strip lashes.

This will save time and money and most girls love this type of eyelashes.
Because they are easy to wear. And you can design your own eyelashes and use them many times.

Seven, natural mink short eyelash
Natural mink short eyelashes are much shorter than natural mink eyelash, natural mink lashes are from 13mm to 18mm, while natural mink short eyelashes are from 5mm​​​to 13mm eyelashes. So we call them natural mink short lashes.
Short eyelashes are a more everyday eyelash style, which can be worn at work without being too flamboyant or unremarkable, and can be a good way to modify our makeup.

Most eyelash business owners sell eye-catching lashes that are 25mm long because they have no idea how amazing short lashes can be.

For more information on natural mink lashes, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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