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Will the manufacture of mink lashes cause harm to the mink?

Many lashes business entrepreneurs are worrying that whether manufacturing mink lashes will cause harm to minks or not.

For Missangel Lashes, the answer is definitely no. Minks are animals whose fur is used to make false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, and eyebrow fillers. Mink hair is 100% natural, so it has a beautiful natural luster, ultra-lightweight and very soft, giving a feather-like delicate feeling. Is it perfect for eyelashes? Mink products that are curled to look like real human hair, it is very vivid and and natural. Therefore, mink lashes are more expensive than other material lashes in the market. And mink lashes can be worn for a long time. Mink eyelashes are considered high-quality “high-end” products, which are used by people all over the world.The lashes are cruelty-free and there would be no harm to the minks.


We need to be clear-any items or products derived from animal products may be at risk of animal cruelty.

Some companies claim that their eyelashes are “cruelty-free” or “safely collected from free-range farms”-therefore, the controversy surrounding mink products has a long history.

So why does the company claim that it is not cruel? That is, because the fur used to make mink eyelashes and other such products is obtained by brushing the animal, rather than killing it. Even so, the process of obtaining hair caused many problems.

According to PETA, mink is the most common fur-raising animal in the world. Collecting mink hair wouldn’t be harmful to the mink, some mink hair are naturally dropped, some are brushed from mink body.

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True cruelty-free alternative

Although it is difficult to know the status of every mink fur farm in the world, there are still questions about whether the fur recycling process is humane.

Now, we are not sure whether all mink farms treat animals badly, or whether the whole process is cruel from beginning to end (because that will be very unfair) We can be sure that the process of obtaining mink may not be so Interesting, let mink live freely in the wild.

So, what if you want to make your eyelashes fluffy, natural and amazing?

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