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3D Mink Eyelashes for Bride’s Wedding!

A wedding is one of the biggest occasions in a woman’s whole life. At that moment, she wants everything to be perfect. What the bride look like is a huge component of the wedding day. When she walks down along the aisle, she wants to look beautiful and elegant. The wedding makeup is a huge component of that feeling, and wearing proper false mink eyelashes is the best ways to add highlights of the bride. 3D Mink Lashes Wholesaled by Mink Eyelash Vendor Missangel Lashes is a best choices.

3d mink lashes for wedding

The following is some recommendations of mink lashes style that fits bride makeup.

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When you wear false eyelashes, they take your everyday look to another level. In the case of a wedding, you’re looking for a classic look that isn’t overly dramatic or understated. You need a little bit of oomph while keeping things classy. Enter the medium volume of false eyelash.

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First of all, the simplest way is to use a medium volume strip lash. This gives you the simplicity of applying a single strip and will add the most volume and depth to your look. You’re going to want to look for a mink strip lashes that has varied lengths of lashes on the strip for a more natural feel. These will blend seamlessly with the varied lengths of your own natural lashes. You can also use a strip lash that has shorter lashes toward the inner corner of your eyes with longer lashes toward the outside corners. This allows for a little bit of drama without the intensity of a full length strip lash.

Alternatively, you can apply individual false eyelashes. This gives you more control over the thickness of your lash look. If you decide to go with individual lashes, add enough to your natural lash line that you increase the volume of your wholesale lashes by about 50%, depending on the thickness of your lashes. If you have thin lashes, add enough individual falsies that you double the volume. This will leave you with the classy, medium volume effect that you’re looking for on the big day.