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MISS ANGEL LASHES–Start your 3D mink eyelashes business here!

     Miss Angel Lashes,as a 3D mink lashes wholesale vendors, have  own design team in the factory. Your mink eyelashes business must be very successful if you buy 3D mink lashes from us directly. And we can customize your eyelashes according to your requirements. The custom style is only for your own.

    The average retail price for 3-D mink eyelashes in the U.S. is $20 to $30. You could earn 4 to 5 times profits by wholesaling mink lashes from us. As a professional mink lashes wholesale vendors, we keep on provide best mink lashes.
    If you’re in the business of hair extensions, we strongly recommend that you add 3D mink eyelashes to your product line. 3D mink eyelashes are a big hit and can also bring you a lot of customers. 

      Most importantly, when you need customized packaging with your own brand , we can provide you  custom eyelash packaging and print your LOGO on it to make 3D mink lashes sales have your own brand. 

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