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How to Choose a Reliable Eyelash Supplier (REAL STUFF)(Part One)

Eyelash business owner choose eyelash suppliers to establish strategic partnerships, control the risks of the relationship between the two parties, and develop a dynamic mink eyelash supplier evaluation system. These are several issues that eyelash operators and buyers generally care about. With the continuous increase in the proportion of eyelash purchases to the total sales revenue of eyelashes, procurement has gradually become a key factor in determining the success of eyelash manufacturers. The evaluation and selection of eyelash suppliers as the basis and prerequisites for the normal operation of the supply chain is becoming the hottest topic in the eyelash industry.

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There are many criteria for selecting a reliable eyelash supplier, which can be divided into short-term standards and long-term standards according to the length of time. When determining the criteria for selecting eyelash suppliers, lash business owners must consider both short-term standards and long-term standards, and combine the two standards to make the selected standards more comprehensive. Then, use the standards to evaluate the eyelash supplier, and finally find the ideal and reliable eyelash manufacturers and lash wholesaler for your lash business.

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I. Short-term standards

The short-term criteria for selecting eyelash suppliers are: moderate mink eyelash quality, low price level, timely delivery and good overall service level.

1. Moderate eyelashes

The quality of eyelashes is in line with the requirements of entrepreneurs who are just starting their own eyelashes business. It is the first consideration when purchasing eyelashes. For the poor quality and low price of lashes, although the purchase cost is low, it will cause the increase of total cost of the enterprise. Unqualified eyelashes will increase the time cost in the process of selling eyelashes to customers. When dealing with after-sales problems caused by poor eyelashes, such as mink hair loss, uncomfortable-wearing, allergy, cannot be reused, it will lead to the increase of the cost invisibly. These will eventually be reflected in the total cost of eyelashes.

On the contrary, the high quality of eyelashes does not mean that it is suitable for lash business owners who are just starting the eyelashes business and for areas with lower consumption levels. If the quality is too high, the cost of getting eyelashes in the early stage is high. For eyelash entrepreneurs who just start their lash brand, it may also be a burden.

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2.Lower purchase cost of eyelashes

The cost includes not only the price of ordering the eyelashes, but also all expenses until the eyelashes reaching the customer and the customer is satisfied with the quality of the eyelashes. The low price of purchasing eyelashes is an important condition for choosing a supplier. But the lowest priced eyelash supplier is not necessarily the most suitable.Because if the quality of the eyelashes is large, the delivery time of the eyelashes are not met, or the transportation costs increased due to the geographical distance, the total cost will increase. So the total lowest cost is an important factor to consider when choosing an eyelash supplier.

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3. Prompt delivery

Whether eyelash suppliers can organize delivery eyelashes according to the agreed delivery deadlines and delivery conditions directly affects whether eyelash companies can deliver eyelashes to customers on time and establish a good reputation. Therefore, delivery time is also one of the factors to consider when selecting a supplier.

4. Good overall service level

The overall service level of the eyelash wholesale supplier refers to the ability and attitude of the supplier to cooperate with the buyer in various operations. The main indicators for evaluating the overall service level of eyelash suppliers are as follows.

Design Services: While purchasing eyelashes, the owner of the eyelash enterprise usually customizes the eyelash packaging box at the same time. Therefore, the design, materials, size are the factors eyelash supplier must well-known and be able to complete the production and delivery on time.

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Eyelash style Update Service: Eyelash fashion is keep changing. Although each eyelash supplier has classic eyelashes and new eyelashes style, it is still necessary to regularly increase eyelash styles to meet the needs of the eyelash market.

After-sales Service: Although low-quality eyelashes will not be purchased, if there are after-sales problems, a reliable eyelash supplier must be responsible for the problems, to help entrepreneurs who are just starting their eyelash business or already well-known eyelash companies to analyze and solve problems.


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