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Will you lose real own lashes when removing false eyelashes?

Will you lose real own lashes when removing false eyelashes from your eyes?

Faux eyelashes have the ability to pull out your own lashes when removed improperly.

remove false eyelashes
remove false eyelashes

To remove falsies properly, my suggestion is to take a shower. Let the hot water and steam gently loosen the lashes, to the point where they come off without tugging. False eyelashes should practically fall off on their own (and they might).

If the shower doesn’t do the trick, when you get out of the shower, use an eyemakeup remover or an organic, pure, cold-pressed oil (like coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil) to dissolve the glue, before gently removing the falsies.

The glue is tricky! Just make sure not to tug and pull at the false lashes throughout the period that you wear them or when you remove them.

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