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Why we Have so many Wholesale Mink Lashes Orders?

Nowadays, many wholesale eyelash vendors have begun to grow and develop, and gradually  create many wholesale mink lashes brands. But do they have their own eyelash factories and could guarantee the delivery time of a large batch of lashes? Actually, they don’t. Many of them also provide eyelashes through Chinese eyelash suppliers.

mink eyelash feedbacks of Missangel Lashes

However, the lash supplier they choose is also very important. They need to find out high-quality wholesale mink eyelash suppliers to obtain customer recognition and support in order to gain consistent customer orders and feedback.

Why do many mink lashes wholesaler like to cooperate with us?

First of all, Missangel eyelashes are of the best quality, with 25mm eyelashes. Good quality is the basis of long-term cooperation. Without good quality mink lashes, everything else is useless. Our quality wholesale eyelashes are 100% made of Siberian mink lashes, no cruel handmade mink lashes. The best raw materials, the softest cotton band and the best glue, women who are allergic to glue will not feel any discomfort when using our eyelashes.

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