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About Shipping for Mink Lashes

Missangel Lashes use fast delivery DHL, the basic shipping to USA is 23USD. Most of our mink lash customers come from America, UK, Canada, Australia. Deliverying sample mink lashes takes 3-5 days. Sometimes may be faster. The basic shipping is requaired by the express company, and it is enough to carry 1-40 pairs of mink lashes. But sometimes, for example, a client may want to order 2-3 pairs of mink eyelashes, like, 16mm mink lashes, 20mm lashes and 25mm lashes for quality test. Once plus shipping and average, it may seem high price for each pair of lashes.

fast delivery for mink lashes

Therefore, we also have 7 sample packs. In one sample pack, there are 10 or 12 pairs of lashes in total.

Click here to see sample packs.

In addition, dear customers, the shippping will change according to the size and weight of the packaging. For example, if do custom lash packaging, the minimum order quantity is 60 pieces. For 60 custom lash packaging boxes, the shipping would be about 45US Dollars.

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