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Where to find 25mm Lashes Near Me?

There are some of lash business owner only seek for 25mm lashes, which is dramatic but unique.

With 25mm lashes, the eye makeup could be enhanced to the greatest extent. Lash Vendor Missangel Lashes keep following the lash fashion and designing more attractive lash styles.

This is the new 25mm lashes style–EL15. The biggest feature is each root of lashes is distinct.

25mm strip mink lashes
Wholesale long lashes EL15

And below is the 16 styles of 25mm lashes we wholesale at present.

affordable 25mm mink lashes
25mm Mink Lashes

The above ‘floor plan couldnt show the 3d effect of 25mm lashes, and show how fluffy lashes they are.

There are vidoes of 25mm flyffy lashes posting on Instagram

The lash style in the 4-pair lash books is 25mm mink lashes near me EL01.

If you would like to inquiry about lashes price, or custom lash packaging, please contact

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