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Round Lash Cases

Eyelash Cases also is a kind of hot choices in eyelash packaging market. It is tiny and could also be customized with your own logo.

diy eyelash boxes
Eyelash Cases and Mink Lashes

There are 9 lash cases we provide, round plastic lash cases, acrylic eyelash cases, lollipop eyelash cases, pill bottles packaging. Also have the popular rectangular lash cases PC07.

wholesale lashes and diy lash packaging
custom eyelash packaging PC07 with printed Logo

For the PC07, we could print logo on the front side(not stickers). And there are colorful backgrounds could be chosen, like the above picture shows.

For the round lash cases, we could make round stickers with your own logo.

wholesale 25mm lashes and eyelash cases
Diy Lash Case PC01

And these lash cases are all in stock. So once you order 3d lashes and lash cases from us. Dont need to wait, we could package lashes into eyelash cases and ship out ASAP.

shiny glitter background lash cases
Acrylic Lash Case PC06 with glitter background

If you are interested in working with a trustful lash vendor and custom eyelash packaging vendors, please contact WHATSAPP: 8617753281089 for more detailed infomation.

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