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Custom Eyelash Packaging with A Window

Do you like window eyelash boxes? Below are some custom eyelash packaging boxes with a window, and with private logo.

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Black Lash Box EC01 and White Eyelash Packaging EC04 with a Logo
wholesale eyelash packaging boxes
Stock Eyelash Packaging EC02 with Logo (MOQ is 20)

These boxes are all in stock, over 20 boxes, we couldd print 3d logo on the box with our printer.

Click here to check which eyelash boxes are in stock.

wholesale lash box diy eyelash packaging
White Lash Box with a Window EC04

Since these boxes are all in stick, so we could finish printing own lash business logo and ship out in 24 hours.

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Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes EC04

If you want to do other custom eyelash packaging with a clear window, but not shown on box catalogs. That’s also okay, we could crate diy lash packaging for you. Any color is okay, and with your logo printed. But these lash boxes are made by box factory, so take 7-12 days to make, and MOQ (minimum oeder quantity) is 50.

Here are some examples.

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