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Custom Acrylic Eyelash Cases

Today, custom eyelash packaging vendor Missangel Lashes will introduce a poplar and heavy acrylic cases. It is made of acrylic materials. Besides, the cut surface of acrylic cases is polygonal, which makes this cases very charming, especially under the light reflection.

Custom Lash Cases Eyelash Boxes
Could Put Lash stickers on the Lash Tray
Quality Eyelash Cases Custom Eyelash Packaging
Quality Eyelash Cases Custom Eyelash Packaging
wholesale eyelash cases
Pink Eyelash Cases with While Glitter Background

We can see that the cases is very 0.055kg, it is much heavier than plastic lash cases. This pink lash cases could hold 16mm mink lashes and 20mm lashes. But dont recommend this kind of cases for 25mm lashes, because 25mm lashes is too long to be put in this cases.

Eyelash Cases Wholesale Vendors
55g–Weight of Acrylic Lash Cases

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