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How to Name Lashes?

All lash business owners want to name lashes with some beautiful words, which will make lash business more professional.

When lash vendors show lash catalogs to their customers who want to start their own lash business, or already own lash business, the lashes are labelled with some code, like “ES”, “EM”, “EL” to show the length difference. And when delivery lashes to the receiver, all lashes will be labelled to help distinguish styles. However, if resell lashes directly with the names given by lash vendors, it may seem unprofessional. So, give lashes a name is vey essential.

25mm false eyelashes
25mm Lashes–EL13
3d mink lashes factory
16mm Mink Lashes–ES02
3d strip mink lashes
20mm Mink Lashes–EM15

So How to Name Lashes?

The easiest way is to make name stickers. We could print the beautiful name you come up as stickers, and cut stickers off into the proper size for lash tray, and put stickers on the lash tray. Then stickers will stick on lash tray.

how to create lash name
Lash Name Stickers

We could put stickers any location of the box, like the clear lash tray, the side of box, the back side of box.

custom lash cases with logo
Acrylic Lash Cases
how to name mink lashes
Free Lash Name Stickers

If you are interested in naming lashes, pls contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626.

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