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25mm Lashes Wholesale & 25mm Lashes Packaging

25mm lashes wholesaler –Missangel Lashes wholesale 25mm lashes package. The following are some hot 25mm lashes packaging.

25mm lashess pack
25mm eyelash packaging 25mm lash vendors

This glitter turquoise eyelash books with a clear window and lash tweezers is a popular choice on the market. This kind of eyelash packaging could put three pairs of lashes in. And to match the color of this 25mm eyelash packaging, the eyelash tweezers is also in turquoise. This kind of combination could also in other colors, like glitter pink, rose gold eyelash packaging, purple and sky blue.

eyelash vendors, mink lash vendors
25mm lashes packaging

The above picture shows the lashes packaging with low MOQ(minimum order quantity). This kind of eyelash packaging is very cabinet and exquisite. When customers wholesaling 25mm mink lashes, this package is the best choice to choose, both considering the appearance and the price.

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Steps to Wear Mink Eyelashes

Lots of girls like makeup, but wearing false eyelashes is not a simple thing. If the way of wearing mink eyelashes is wrong, it is easy to make the eyes appear smaller. Once the thick false eyelashes are pulled down, the whole eye makeup would be thick and temperament. What’s even more embarrassing is that if the stickers are unstable, the eyelashes will fall. As mink lashes wholesale vendors, Miss Angel Lashes also pay attention to studying the right way to wearing mink lashes. Today, let me talk about the method of wearing mink eyelashes.

1. Lift the upper eyelid skin and draw a natural eyeliner with a lead eyeliner.

2. Lift the upper eyelid skin and clamp the eyelashes with the glue to the tweezers for preparation.

3. Paste the 3d mink eyelashes on the root of your true eyelashes, and then stick the back of the back eye firmly.

4. Lift the upper eyelid skin and stick the inner corner of the eye firmly.

5. Gently press the inner corner of the eye and push the eyelashes up with a pair of tweezers to make the whole stick firmly.

6. Use a pair of lash tweezers to gently press the eyelashes to make the mink                                                                                  eyelashes firmly adhere.

7. The effect after the first layer is pasted.

8. Paste a piece of mink eyelashes over the first layer of eyelasheshow to wear mink eyelashes

9. Multi-section paste with interval

10. Press properly with tweezers to make a better bond with the first layer of to wear mink eyelashes