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Custom Acrylic Eyelash Cases

Today, custom eyelash packaging vendor Missangel Lashes will introduce a poplar and heavy acrylic cases. It is made of acrylic materials. Besides, the cut surface of acrylic cases is polygonal, which makes this cases very charming, especially under the light reflection.

Custom Lash Cases Eyelash Boxes
Could Put Lash stickers on the Lash Tray
Quality Eyelash Cases Custom Eyelash Packaging
Quality Eyelash Cases Custom Eyelash Packaging
wholesale eyelash cases
Pink Eyelash Cases with While Glitter Background

We can see that the cases is very 0.055kg, it is much heavier than plastic lash cases. This pink lash cases could hold 16mm mink lashes and 20mm lashes. But dont recommend this kind of cases for 25mm lashes, because 25mm lashes is too long to be put in this cases.

Eyelash Cases Wholesale Vendors
55g–Weight of Acrylic Lash Cases

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Why We Could Do 20 Custom Lash Cases with Private Logo?

In lash business market, most lash vendors could do custom eyelash packaging, but usually come along with big quantity requirements. For example, if you want to a pink lash packaging and print your logo on front side, the minimum order quantity is 60 eyelash packaging. And it takes over 10 days to manufacture.

Wholesale 3d lash box vendor Missangel Lashes Could do box with Own Label in 2-4 days. And MOQ (minimum order quantity) is only 20.

Here are some boxes we have done before.

mink eyelash boxes wholesale vendors
Glitter Pink Eyelash Packaging EC16
cheap eyelash packaging box wholesale vendors
Gold Drip Eyelash Packaging EC19
afforable lash cases
Box with Own Logo EC46

The reason is that lashes vendor and box manufacturer Missangel Lashes has produced a large printer to print logo on the boxes in stock. So the manufacture time of custom lash packaging is short.

If you are interested in wholesaling lashes and custom lash boxes with private logo, please contact WHATSAPP 86 15166831626 for detailed infomation.

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Christmas Eyelash Packaging is coming!

Christmas, a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus, has evolved into a worldwide religious and secular celebration, incorporating many pre-Christian and pagan traditions into the festivities.

Christmas is on the corner, many lash business owner, lash retailers are looking for Christmas Collection Lash Packaging.

These boxes minimum order quantity is 20, and we could ship boxes out in 3 days.

There are total 8 Christmas Lash Box Choices. Red lash boxes, pink Santa pattern,Green christmas tree lash packaging and blue Reindeer pattern Lash Boxes.

These eyelash packaging boxes could hold different 3d lashes, such as 16mm lashes, 20mm mink lashes and 25mm lashes.

If you are interested in ordering lash packaging for Christmas, pls contact WHATSAPP 8615166831626 to get a quotation.

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Why the price of eyelashes varies greatly?

1. Different Eyelash Manufacturing Craft

This is one of the main point if you want to do business line with your eyelash vendors. Most 3d lash vendors use easy process way to produce the mink eyelashes,and only few lash factory would choose the best way which wast time and energy to do this.

wholesale 25mm lash vendors
25mm Strip Mink Lashes–EL02

2. Different Lash Styles and Lash Design

Different eyelash designer make different art works, if the lashes factory have designer , they can do any style lashes for you , and if the Lashes Factory don’t have the designer , what they can do is just copy the others style , they just copy the style but they can’t copy the soul of the lashes.

wholesale long lashes 25mm lashes
25mm Mink Lashes EL06

3. Different Raw Materials.

As we all know, the best raw materials for lashes is mink hair, which is comfotable and durable.

The best lash supplier will select best mink fur from young minks. And, the bad quality lashes will use the broken mink fur, if you buy a cheap mink lashes, you can find the broken mink fur easily. And for some other raw materials, such as fabric, they are worse.

Short Eyelashes Wholesale Vendors
16mm Mink Lashes–ES12

4. Comfort Degree

This is one of the key point to measure whether wholesale mink lashes are good quality. Mink lash vendor Missangel Lashes wholesale luxury lashes which could be worn when you sleep.

wholesale long lashes 25mm lashes
25mm Mink Lashes EL06

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Come and Customize Your Own Lash Boxes with Private Logo

In order to provide customers’ more choices, lash Vendor and diy lash packaging manufacture Missangel Lashes premade over 30 kinds of custom lash boxes. More importantly, the MOQ of these boxes to do private label is only 20.

Here are the pictures of rectangular diy lash packaging.

There are Pull out Lash Packaging and Open up Lash Boxes. Diy lash box manufacturer has made the size of box proper for all length of lashes, no matter 16mm mink lashes, or 20mm lashes or 25mm lashes.

One thing need to mention is, these magnet boxes are made to satisfy lash entrepreneurs‘ demands. So how these affordable lash packaging look like is fixed. And what we can customize these boxes is only printing logo on them. Another advantage of these diy lash packaging is the production cycle is shorten. 4-6 days is enough to print logo on these boxes.

By the way, these boxes are proper to hold all kind of length lashes. 13m lashes-28mm lashes all fit for these packaging.

Of course, if the boxes you want to do are now listed. We could also talk about other box design. Just the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 60 boxes, but you could choose what inside and what outside color of the boxes you want. And the manufacuture time would be 12-15 days.

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25mm Lashes VS 20mm Lashes VS 16mm Lashes

Premium lash wholesaler Missangel Lashes, as one of the online lash wholesaler supplier, is professional in analyzing the differences between 16mm eyelashes, 20mm mink lases strip and 25mm lashes.


One thing need to mentioned that not all the lashes in the 16mm eyelash catalogs are exactly 16mm in length. 16mm is a general length. In the series of 16mm lashes, include the new release 16mm mink lashes ES13 and 16mm eyelashes ES14, most of 16mm lashes are 14-16mm in length.

mink lashes 16mm eyelashes
16mm Eyelashes–ES01
affordable mink eyelashes
Full Mink Eyelashes EM06
3d lashes vs 25mm
25mm mink lashes strips–EL06

Similarly, the 20mm mink lashes lash wholesaler Missangel Lashes sell are 18-20mm in length. And 25mm strip lashes are 24-25mm in length.


Wholesale 25mm mink lashes VS wholesale 20mm eyelashes VS wholesale 16mm lashes’ price is different. 25mm mink eyelashes is most expensive. There are grat deals–everyone here is buying affordable lashes for themselves and for gifts.

Here are the favorable eyelash sample Packs.


According to the survey, dramatic lashes 25mm lashes is most popular in USA lashes market. And the 14-15mm eyelashes are more popular in Some European country and South Africa.

3d mink lashes wholesale vendor
Wholesale mink lashes–EM12
affordable mink eyelash vendors
Mink Eyelashes EM04
wholesale 25mm lashes
wholesale 25mm mink lashes–EL08

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New Sttyle!! Two New Release 16mm Mink Lashes

Mink lash vendor Missangel Lashes have added two new style of 16mm Lashes ES13 and ES14.

Unique design, 14-16mm in length, natural style, 16mm eyelashes could enhance your beauty and could be worn in daily life.

Here are the pics of the new 16mm lash styles.

wholesale 16mm mink lashes vendors
16mm Mink Lashes ES13(3)
wholesale 16mm mink eyelashes
16mm Mink Lashes ES13(2)
16mm eyelashes wholesale vendors
16mm Mink Lashes ES14(3)
16mm eyelashes wholesale vendors
16mm Mink Lashes ES14(2)

If you are interested, please contact WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626

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New Approaching of 20mm Mink Lashes

Except 12 styles of 16mm mink lashes, 12 styles of 20mm lashes and 14 styles of 25mm lashes, mink lash vendors Missangel Lashes has added 4 New Lash Style of 20mm Mink Lashes, EM13-16.

The new 20mm mink lashes are totally different from the previous lash styles. EM13 and 20mm eyelashes EM14 has obvious short and long columns crossingly, and EM15 and EM16 are more likely to be same in length.

And to show the lashes more clearly, I have posted detailed video of these lash styles on my instagram

If you are interested in ordering, pls contact

WHATSAPP: +86 15166831626

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Hot 16mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

wholesale eyelash vendors

According to Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor Missangel Lashes’s eyelash sales statistics, among all the three lash length–16mm mink lashes, 20mm eyelashes, 25mm lashes, 16mm mink lashes sell most.

wholesale eyelash vendors
16mm mink lash vendors
mink lashes and packaging wholesale vendors
16mm Lashes Wholesale Vendors

We have 12 styles of 16mm mink lashes at present, and 3 new 16mm lashes will launch soon. 16mm Mink Lashes ES04, ES01, ES05, ES12 sell well.

WHATSAPP +86 15166831626

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About Shipping for Mink Lashes

Missangel Lashes use fast delivery DHL, the basic shipping to USA is 23USD. Most of our mink lash customers come from America, UK, Canada, Australia. Deliverying sample mink lashes takes 3-5 days. Sometimes may be faster. The basic shipping is requaired by the express company, and it is enough to carry 1-40 pairs of mink lashes. But sometimes, for example, a client may want to order 2-3 pairs of mink eyelashes, like, 16mm mink lashes, 20mm lashes and 25mm lashes for quality test. Once plus shipping and average, it may seem high price for each pair of lashes.

fast delivery for mink lashes

Therefore, we also have 7 sample packs. In one sample pack, there are 10 or 12 pairs of lashes in total.

Click here to see sample packs.

In addition, dear customers, the shippping will change according to the size and weight of the packaging. For example, if do custom lash packaging, the minimum order quantity is 60 pieces. For 60 custom lash packaging boxes, the shipping would be about 45US Dollars.