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Steps to Wear Mink Eyelashes

Lots of girls like makeup, but wearing false eyelashes is not a simple thing. If the way of wearing mink eyelashes is wrong, it is easy to make the eyes appear smaller. Once the thick false eyelashes are pulled down, the whole eye makeup would be thick and temperament. What’s even more embarrassing is that if the stickers are unstable, the eyelashes will fall. As mink lashes wholesale vendors, Miss Angel Lashes also pay attention to studying the right way to wearing mink lashes. Today, let me talk about the method of wearing mink eyelashes.

1. Lift the upper eyelid skin and draw a natural eyeliner with a lead eyeliner.

2. Lift the upper eyelid skin and clamp the eyelashes with the glue to the tweezers for preparation.

3. Paste the 3d mink eyelashes on the root of your true eyelashes, and then stick the back of the back eye firmly.

4. Lift the upper eyelid skin and stick the inner corner of the eye firmly.

5. Gently press the inner corner of the eye and push the eyelashes up with a pair of tweezers to make the whole stick firmly.

6. Use a pair of lash tweezers to gently press the eyelashes to make the mink                                                                                  eyelashes firmly adhere.

7. The effect after the first layer is pasted.

8. Paste a piece of mink eyelashes over the first layer of eyelasheshow to wear mink eyelashes

9. Multi-section paste with interval

10. Press properly with tweezers to make a better bond with the first layer of to wear mink eyelashes





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NEW! ! Mink Lashes Wholesale 100% Mink

Do you want to buy mink eyelashes? Are you looking for the best material? Mink hair are the best choice. Miss Angel Lashes, as a professional mink lashes wholesale vendors, each pair of mink eyelashes we wholesale  are made of the head position of each mink hair. They are perm and can be customized. Mink eyelashes bring a natural fluffy look.

To select the best mink lashes, you should consider visiting a reliable mink lashes manufacturer. As the demand for these eyelashes is growing, it is hard to choose a reliable lash vendors.  Therefore, it is important to buy mink eyelashes from a trusted eyelash manufacturer.

The picture are the new styles we wholesale mink lashes.

If you are interested, please contact

WHATSAPP: 86 15166831626

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Differences between Mink Lashes and OTHER Materials of Lashes

The Basic Differences between Mink Lashes and OTHER STYLES of Lashes.

Mink, silk and real fur lash extensions are  most  popular in the eyelashes career.  Among them, mink lashes are totally different from other materials in quality, appearance, and weight. Knowing the difference is   beneficial, for it’ll guarantee you be confident in doing your lashes business. As a company which wholesale mink lashes, it is our responsibility to make it clear.

mink lashes vs regular lashes

  • Quality and Comfort
  • Mink Lashes is made of the tail part hair of mink, which is very soft and comfortable to wear.

Characteristics of Other Eyelashes

One of the most well-known types of false lashes is  using synthetic materials,  which are dispensable and hard to wear on your eyes.

  • Mink Lashes

Lash Vendors  add a high-quality cotton band on the bottom of mink lashes to makes them easy to apply on.

If you’d like to see more useful tips about MINK LASHES(16mm lashes, 20mm lashes, 25mm lashes) or want to buy false lashes with high quality and cheap price.  Please focus on our website:

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How to Choose Mink Eyelash Vendors

MissAngel Lashes is  own- brand mink eyelash vendors.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box
wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

MISS ANGEL LASHES is a manufacturer and supplier for high quality mink eyelashes. With rapid delivery ,high quality products, and thoughtful after-sales service ,MISS ANGEL LASHES has won the trust and support of thousands of mink eyelashes entrepreneurs. MISSANGEL LASHES has been well-known in the United States and the world. We will continue to design more styles of mink lashes and insist in innovation to attract more customers.

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

Over the past few years, many customers have consulted us about improving the quality of mink lashes, constantly designing new styles of mink eyelashes. Besides,we have been asked to produce mink eyelashes with highest quality so that our customers will have greater competitiveness in the increasingly competitive market and stay in an invincible position.

Custom Packaging with Private Label
Custom Packaging with Private Label
Choose a reliable mink lashes wholesale vendor is the beginning of starting eyelashes business. There are several suggestions:
  1. Choose a mink lashes wholesale vendors which has own mink lashes factory. It guarantees timely delivery of products.
  2. Choose an eyelash vendors who dares to send samples.
  3. Choose eyelash vendors who provides after-sale service.
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MISS ANGEL LASHES–Start your 3D mink eyelashes business here!

     Miss Angel Lashes,as a 3D mink lashes wholesale vendors, have  own design team in the factory. Your mink eyelashes business must be very successful if you buy 3D mink lashes from us directly. And we can customize your eyelashes according to your requirements. The custom style is only for your own.

    The average retail price for 3-D mink eyelashes in the U.S. is $20 to $30. You could earn 4 to 5 times profits by wholesaling mink lashes from us. As a professional mink lashes wholesale vendors, we keep on provide best mink lashes.
    If you’re in the business of hair extensions, we strongly recommend that you add 3D mink eyelashes to your product line. 3D mink eyelashes are a big hit and can also bring you a lot of customers. 

      Most importantly, when you need customized packaging with your own brand , we can provide you  custom eyelash packaging and print your LOGO on it to make 3D mink lashes sales have your own brand. 

Further Cooperation, please add WHATSAPP +86 15166831626


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How to Enlarge Your Eyelashes Business?

Why do some entrepreneurs’ eyelash line grow bigger and bigger, while some businesses grow smaller and smaller,even fail?

Why do the same efforts get different results? We’ll reply to you: because you chose the wrong product at the very beginning, so no matter how great efforts you have made,you could not be successful. Eyelashes are a brand product. Customers customize their own eyelash packaging boxes with logo on it, but how can it become a brand ? Even if you have more customers,once the quality of your products is not good,  they will not buy mink eyelashes from you again, and will not recommend to others to buy your eyelash products.

mink eyelashes vendor

What’s the Key to Be Successful in Your Eyelashes Business?

On the contrary, if you don’t have a large customer base,but you buy good quality eyelash products, once you start selling mink lashes to a person,this person may buy it again and recommend the product to other people . Business like this is easy to run. Viral marketing does that. The key point of viral marketing is good products. It’s impossible to achieve a good brand without good quality products. Viral marketing does that. The key point of viral marketing is good products. It’s impossible to achieve a good brand without good quality products.

mink eyelashes vendor

If you really want to run a brand, you have to choose the best quality mink eyelashes vendor. If you just choose the cheapest product and also want to do a brand, I suggest you do not waste your time because this will absolutely fail! If you still insist in doing it, you will waste your money and time. That’s our sincere suggestion, because we’ve met too many customers who have met the same situation. Before making a decision to wholesale mink eyelashes,we hope you have thought over in your mind and sufficient market research has been conducted.
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Why can not wholesale cheap mink eyelashes?

1. The sample eyelashes you bought the first time may be different from the products you purchased in bulk.

2. The sample eyelash style you bought may differ greatly from the eyelashes you wholesale.

3. The cheap eyelashes are very tough. When wearing them,the feeling is like wearing a wire,and I believe your customers won’t buy your product again.

mink lashes

4. Your mink eyelashes are asymmetrical, because the price is low. The mink eyelash supplier will not pick out the defective good,which will be mixed into  quality goods to sell to you.

5. The tip and the end of your eyelashes are not matched . They are very unattractive.

6.The hair of your eyelashes will fall off because it is made by the cheap eyelash glue .

7. The eyelashes you bought smell chemical taste. This is the flavor of perm dyestuff , which could cause cancer.

mink eyelash vendors

8. The products you buy are made by hand and semi-automatic machines. They could produce more than 100 pairs a day. But our products are only handmade.We could only produce 10 pairs a day. What’s the great difference of the product quality could be between the above two situations?

Of course, the above shortcomings will not appeared in our product because we have spent two years correcting them. And thus it’s reasonable and understandable that our cost is several times higher than the low-quality eyelash products.